Glossator Advising

We Believe

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Impact  Advising

We believe systemic change is possible when people and organizations translate their vision to inspire unlikely collaborations across the philanthropic, policy and business communities. Impact matters to us – we uncover principles and values, build strategy, and develop activations in the pursuit of greater opportunity for all individuals. We believe our primary work should not create dependency on our team, but build internal capacity that equips our clients with the long-term tools and methodology to ensure the best outcome for those we serve.


We Translate

We Advise in the Following Areas:

Our aim is to translate disparate visions and viewpoints into new ways to deploy resources and best practices to communities, hence our namesake, the Glossators. These medieval scholars transformed inherited ancient texts into a living tradition of Roman law by insisting that contradictions in the material could be transformed into new concepts. This harmonization across unlikely traditions resulted in the invention of entirely new concepts not previously found in Roman law, and these translations helped to inform our modern understanding of justice.

Building on this rich tradition, Glossator Advising translates disparate viewpoints into new ways that resources and best practices can be deployed to communities for sustainable impact.